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Cocoon tree $7500.00

Round top node, aluminum
Round lower node, aluminum
The top arc – aluminum-stainless steel
The lower arc with fastenings for the floor, aluminum, stainless steel
The horizontal arcs short, aluminum-stainless steel
Connectors arcs, metal nodes, Zinc coating.
Tent membrane top, 630 g / m2
Tent membrane lower, 630 g / m2
Removable entries – zipped entries 1pc, 2 windows and a transparent skylight PVC window
The baggage compartment
1O mm plate, water-resistant laminated solid panel
External holder cocoon (rack) Bolts, nuts, lacing
No mattress included ……
The Cocoon tree come with a 2 year warrantee for the frame and membranes. Installation guides are provided. Possibilities of international installation team on request for more than 2 Cocoontree.

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