MELLA Children’s All in One Smart Clock




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Mella, is a modern children’s clock that designed to keep your kid in bed longer.MELLA uses colors and facial expressions to teach your kid when it’s time for bed and when it’s okay to wake up.When the sleep time has come MELLA will go to sleep with your kid.It creates a pleasant environment with stylish and elegant presence and beautiful-like a face-illuminated screen. Ιt uses a application naming a delayed gratification where lits up the yellow colour in the screen with a playful expression , half an  hour before your child wakes up ,teaching him to wait patiently and with pleasant mood untill to light up the green light.Is the PLAY PERIOD.And when the desired time for wake up it comes, will greet your kid with a smile and glow green.Includes five beautiful colors as well as three three alarm sounds for a peaceful awakening.Also includes three relaxing sleep sound options to help your kid fall asleep quickly: rain, white noise and ocean.It is a beatiful device and and really necessary.Children will love it.

CHAARGO-Wireless Charging Wallet $60.00

The Chaargo is the most simlpy way to charge your phone wiressly without worrying if the battery was running out of power.The only thing that you must do is put your phone on top of Chaargo and this will start charging.Using the newest Qi 1.2 technology,a big 4000mAh battery,high quality synthetic leather and solid aluminum case guarantees high durability.

Combines the usability of a wallet with technology simply by storing energy that at some point will certainly need.CHAARGO is listed in 10 Most Unique Smartphone’s Gadgets You Should Buy !” in TOP 10 information on YouTube channel.CHAARGO is certainly one of the best accessories that we must have this summer.

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