Mons Peak IX-Trail 43 backpacking tent




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Mons Peak IX-Trail 43 backpacking tent $699.95

Mons peak ix is a 3 or 4 person backpacking tent designed for 3 season uses.In the basic features of the scene are included fly and tent ventilation, hang loops, storage pockets and more.With intelligent engineering and revolutionary design, trail 43 meets the needs off all adventure seekers.One the basic features of this tent is the replaceable base which allows further weight saving during the transfer and also gives the ability and the choice from users to change capacity.

This intelligent device  gives you the possibility – since it’s simply to connect to your helmet – to continue your activities without stopping and risking by trying to talk to your smartphone if it rings and  you’re on your bike. Ahead easily attaches to your helmet and connects to your smartphone without worry even if its raining since it is waterproof with IP45 water and dust resistance.

Bisecu syncs with your smartphone via bluetooth and measures distance between the device and you so automatically locks your bike as you walk away.Of course you can unlock your device manually in case you forget your phone, just using the exterior button.It is also impossible to cut it from outside.The Bisecu is the lightest smart bike lock thanks to the new form factor lighter than a cup of coffee.Based on the 3 integrated  sensors Βisecu will only be locked when your bike isn’t moving.It has high capacity lithium ion battery last up to 6 months after just one time charge with micro USB cable.The app also sends mobile push notification when the device has lower than 20% battery left. Bisecu it’s a must have gadget for all riders outhere.

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